Zoning Board of Appeals Mtg. 10/16/18

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Call to Order 00:10:26

Roll Call of Members 00:10:33

Approval of Minutes 00:10:50

Public Hearing - VAR2018-11 00:11:19

Public Hearing on a request from Costco Wholesale Corporation for a variance from Article 15, Section 15.4, C., 1., – maximum height of light poles located within a non-residential district is limited to 24 feet. Location: 3636 2nd Street South) (VAR-2018-11)

Public Hearing - VAR2018-12 00:30:14

4. Public Hearing on a request from Micale Gillson and Joel Peterson for variances to Article 15, Section 15.5, A., Table 15-2 - interior side yard setback and rear yard setback for a detached accessory structure. (Location 834 Mc Kinley Place South) (VAR-2018-12)

Other Business 01:00:39

Adjournment 01:02:38

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