1/9/23 City Council Mtg.


4. Oath of Office administered to Ward Councilmembers 00:06:59

5. Election of Council Officers. 00:09:01

Consent Agenda 00:11:31

6. Approval of agenda. 00:13:18

9. TH 10/TH 23 Interchange Improvements, Contract 2023-01, SAP 162-080-008, SP 0503-91: A. Resolutions Approving MnDOT Cooperative Construction Agreement Nos. 1050707 and 1050708 in Conjunction with the TH 10/TH 23 Interchange Improvements. B Resolution Relating to Parking restrictions along 4th Street SE from Lincoln Avenue SE to Trunk Highway 10 East Frontage Road and Trunk Highway 10 East Frontage Road from 4th Street SE to 15th Avenue SE. C. Resolution Requesting Advance Municipal State Aid Funds. 00:13:50

10. Resolution Receiving City Engineer's Report and Calling for a Public Hearing for January 30, 2023, to Consider St. Germain Street West from 10th to 12th Avenue and 11th Avenue North from St. Germain Street West to 1st Street North Improvements. 00:34:32

Public Hearings 00:36:46

11. Ordinance vacating an existing 10-foot-wide drainage and utility easement located along the southwestern property line of Lot 1, Block 1, Felicity Park and utility easements located parallel to Lucille Lane on Lots 30 and 31, Block 3, Tilden Woods. (Location: 1952 and 1960 Lucille Lane) (VAC-2022-06) 00:36:50

Open Discussion & Announcements 00:38:46

Adjournment 00:47:29

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