City Council, 10/10/22


1. Pledge of Allegiance. 2. Moment of Silence for our men and women serving in the Armed Forces. 00:00:40

Roll Call 00:01:22

Consent Agenda 00:01:33

Approval of Agenda 00:02:30

Public Hearings 00:02:59

15. Application for an Off-sale Small Brewer 128 oz. license for Beaver Island Brewing Company, LLC dba Beaver Island Brewing Company, 216 6th Avenue South. 00:03:03

16. A. Ordinance amending Section 810 of the 2007 Code of Ordinances for the City of St. Cloud entitled "Intoxicating Liquor" by adding section 810:05 Subd. 15. "Microdistillery On-Sale Cocktail Room", Subd. 16. "Microdistillery Off-Sale", and Modifying Section 810:10 Subd. 2 "Proof of Financial Responsibility" B. Ordinance amending Section 511 of the 2007 Code of Ordinance for the City of St. Cloud entitled "Liquor Licensing Fees" 00:04:22

New Business 00:08:47

17. Councilmember Hontos Request - Discussion on Winter Parking Regulations. 00:08:50

Open Discussion & Announcements: 00:16:42

Adjournment 00:19:14

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