City Council, 9/12/22


1. Pledge of Allegiance 2. Moment of Silence for our men and women serving in the Armed Forces. 00:01:39

3. Roll Call. 00:02:24

Consent Agenda 00:02:30

4. Approval of agenda 00:04:30

6. Resolution authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a professional services agreement to conduct the Fire Station 6 & Fire Training Facility Planning Study. 00:04:56

Public Hearings 00:06:18

21. Resolution Adopting the Preliminary Tax Levy and Budget for the 2023 Governmental Funds 00:06:22

22. Resolution Authorizing a Special Tax and Budget for the St. Cloud Economic Development Authority (EDA) for Payment in 2023. 00:52:26

23. Resolution Authorizing a Special Tax Levy for the St. Cloud Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) for Payment in 2023 01:03:07

24. Consideration of the certification of the following fees or charges to the counties for collection with taxes payable in 2023. A. Delinquent Snow Removal Charges B. Administrative Citations C. Weed Removal/Grass Mowing D. Nuisance Abatement E. Utility Accounts 01:06:41

25. Conduct Public Hearings to Amend City Ordinances Required to Comply with the Reissued City’s Municipal Separate Sewer System (MS4) Permit from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency A. Amend Articles 19 & 21 of the Land Development Code, Section 355 of the 2007 Code of Ordinances B. Amend the Stormwater System Use Code, Section 365 of the 2007 Code of Ordinances C. Amend the Public Utilities Department Fees, Section 575 of the 2007 Code of Ordinances 01:29:02

26. Consideration of resolution ordering Special Assessment Roll 2 for 2021 Improvements. 01:33:33

27. A. Resolution amending the Schwinghammer Farm PUD General Development Plan to allow two 36-unit apartment buildings, 24 single family attached dwellings (townhouses), and 15 patio homes at 3135 County Road 136. (DPA-2022-05) B. Preliminary plat of Schwinghammer Farm Third Addition. (Location: 3135 County Road 136) (PLAT-2022-13) C) Request of the City of St. Cloud to amend the 2015 St. Cloud Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map guiding 3135 County Road 136 from Office / Research and Single Family Detached to Mixed Residential. (CPA-2022-01) 01:35:38

28. Resolution Approving the Adoption of the City's Five-Year Street Reconstruction Plan in Accordance with MS 475.58 and Authorizing the Issuance of General Obligation Street Reconstruction Bonds 01:54:20

29. A. Consideration of an Ordinance Licensing the Sale of Cannabinoid Products, adding Section 430 to of the 2007 Code of Ordinances of the City of St. Cloud entitled "Cannabinoid Products." B. Consideration of an Ordinance Establishing a Licensing Fee for Cannabinoid Products. 01:58:51

Open Discussion & Announcements 02:59:34

Adjournment 03:06:43

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