City Council 8/8/22

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1. Pledge of Allegiance. 2. Moment of Silence for our men and women serving in the Armed Forces. 00:02:21

3. Roll Call. 00:03:03

Special Recognitions 00:03:11

4. Mayor's Introduction of the 2023 Budget. 00:03:16

Consent Agenda 00:54:15

5. Approval of agenda 00:55:43

15. Request to set special meeting of the City Council for Noon on Friday, August 12, 2022, in the City Hall Council Chambers to canvass results of August 9th primary election. 00:56:26

17. A. Set a Public Hearing for Consideration of an Ordinance Licensing the Sale of Cannabinoid Products, adding Section 430 to of the 2007 Code of Ordinances of the City of St. Cloud entitled "Cannabinoid Products." B. Set a Public Hearing for Consideration of an Ordinance Establishing a Licensing Fee for Cannabinoid Products. 00:57:15

22. Resolution authorizing Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a professional services agreement to abate and demolish the 1955 and 1975 additions at former Tech High School, now City Hall. 00:58:26

Public Hearings 01:13:23

23. An Application to transfer partial ownership of on-sale intoxicating liquor license with Sunday sales from MC’s of St Cloud, Inc. dba MC’s Dugout, 501 West Saint Germain Street. 01:13:28

24. An Application for new on-sale intoxicating liquor license with Sunday sales from Meynel Vision, Inc. dba Arroy, 800 West Saint Germain Street. 01:14:58

25. A. Resolution amending the Stone Gate PUD General Development Plan to allow up to 110 attached housing units at 3000 County Road 74. (DPA-2022-04) B. Preliminary plat of Stone Gate West. (Location 3000 County Road 74) (Plat-2022-12) C) Ordinance vacating a dedicated walkway from Stone Gate Drive to the storm water holding and Nottingham Road. (Location: 3100 block of Stone Gate Drive) (VAC-2022-05) 01:16:13

26. A. Preliminary and final plats of Franklin Addition. (Location: 156 Franklin Avenue NE) (PLAT2022-09) B. Ordinance vacating a portion of Crescent Street NE right-of-way. (Location: 156 Franklin Avenue NE) (VAC-2022-04) C. Authorize Mayor and City Clerk to execute documents necessary to dispose of proposed Lot 2, Block 1, Franklin Addition. 01:21:14

Open Discussion & Announcements: 01:25:04

Adjournment 01:25:50

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